September Newsletter

Model School Newsletter

September 2018


The Model School is open to receive pupils at 08.55am and there is no supervision before this time. The Board of Management will not accept responsibility for accidents or incidents involving pupils arriving before 08.55am. Parents dropping children to the front of the school before 08.55am do so at their own risk. No children should congregate at the back of the school. We appreciate that the Parents of children arriving by bus have less control as to what time their child arrives at school. Concerns regarding buses and arrival times should be posed directly to Bus Eireann. Please note there is strictly no parking in Kilkenny College grounds for Model School Parents.

Classes officially commence each day at 09.15am so children have a 20 min window to arrive at school safely. It is important that all children are settled in the classroom by 09.15am. Thank you for your co-operation.

The Board of Management.


Welcome back to the new school year 2018-2019. We hope you all had a lovely summer.

We extend a very special welcome our 30 new Junior Infants.  Girls; Sive, Ruby, Plamedie, Nina, Millie, Lauren, Isabella M., Faye, Emma, Amelie, Isabella O., Alicja, Alice, Alexandra & Aisling and boys Shaheer, Sean, Rhys, Reece, Michael G., Matthias, Conor, Michael C., Callum, Bobby, Aras, Andrew, Aidan, Adriano and Adam.

Also joining the school this year are Luke in 1st class, Evie in 3rd class, Holly, Conor & Hunter in 5th class and Abel in 6th class. We hope that their years here will be very happy and successful.

In the Model School we recognise that in order to be successful our children need support from both home and school. As we start the 2018/19 school year, we know you will continue to work with us, so your child can grow in confidence, with a love of learning, and a determination to be the best that they can be. We ask that you continue to guide and support your child’s learning and encourage them to share their school experiences with you. Finally, thank you for your continued support, and we wish you all a very successful year. Ms. Olwen Mackey (Principal).

Staffing for 2018-2019

  • Ms. Olwen Mackey – Administrative Principal
  • Junior Infants – Mrs. Orla Jackson – Room 6 with Ms. Rose (SNA)
  • Senior Infants – Ms. Aoife McLoughney – Room 1
  • 1st Class – Mrs. Sandra Patterson – Room 2
  • 2nd & 3rd Class – Ms. Eleanor Bolt – Room 3  with Ms. Diana (SNA)
  • 3rd & 4th Class – Mr.  Lee Chadwick – Room 4  with Mrs. Catriona Doyle (SNA)
  • 5th Class – Ms. Ena Kearns – Room 5 with Mrs. Regina Fitzgerald (SNA)
  • 6th Class –  Múinteoir Andy – Prefab
  • Support Team
  • Mrs. Suzanne Ashmore (Deputy Principal)
  • Ms. Lorraine Dalton (AP2)
  • Ms. Natalie Swain & Mr. Conor Leahy (Shared Part-time support)
  • There will be an additional part-time support teacher to be appointed.
  • Secretary – Carol O’Byrne                        Caretaker – Ray Meagher.


Just to remind everyone that the school hours are 08.55am to 1.45pm for Junior and Senior Infants (Junior Infants will go home at 12.30pm until Friday 14th Sept) and 2.40pm for 1st to 6th class.


PLEASE do not walk your child out the entrance vehicular gate. We have noticed several Parents doing this in the mornings and at pick up. ONLY walk your child in/out the pedestrian gate closest to the Kilkenny College entrance, DO NOT get your child into the habit of going out/in the main entrance gate because this could lead to a serious accident. Please set an example and keep to the footpaths.


The roll will be called daily by 10.00am. If your child is going to be late (i.e. dentist appointment etc) please let the teacher know the day before or ring the office before 10.00am. Children arriving after 11.30am will be marked absent regardless as our attendance is now being submitted online daily.


Halloween Mid-term break – closed Friday 26th October – reopen Monday 5th November (1 wk)

Christmas break – closed 12.10 Friday 21st December – reopen Monday 7th January 2019 (2 wks)


Reminder on our Healthy Eating Policy, treats are for Fridays only. Please try not to use tin foil at all! We ask that children DO NOT BRING IN NUTS as a snack as we have children with nut allergies in school. As we are now a waste free school all packaging, containers, food waste etc. from your child’s lunch box must go home every day in their lunch box.


The first swimming group are 6th class and 2nd class.

  • 6th Class – Múinteoir Andy. (Fee €55)( incl. €10 for lifesaving lessons)
  • 2nd Class – Ms Bolt.  (Fee €45)

If travelling to school by bus please remind your child not to leave their swim bags behind. Parents dropping children to school on swimming day please be prompt as we have to leave school premises by 09.10am. If dropping your child directly to the pool please inform Carol in the school office.


Your child will be coming into close contact with other children in the classroom, so therefore particular attention should be paid to health and hygiene. Check your child`s hair weekly for head lice. If your child has contacted head lice, please treat it immediately and send a note to the class teacher. The school will respond by issuing a text to all of the children. When you receive the text it is extremely important that you check your child`s hair and treat it.


Pupil Personal Accident Insurance forms will go out to each child with this newsletter. We recommend that everyone avail of this cover.


CHILD PROTECTION (Children First Act 2015 & Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children 2017)

The Children First Act 2015 has placed certain statutory obligations on all registered teachers as mandated persons in the act. All registered teachers, as mandated persons, have a legal obligation to report concerns in writing regarding the safety, health and wellbeing of the children in our care to the Designated Liaison Person (DLP) in the school and Tusla. If any such report is made the Parents/Guardians will be advised by the DLP. The DLP is Ms. Olwen Mackey and in her absence the Deputy Designated Liaison Person (DDLP) is Mrs. Suzanne Ashmore.

Our Child Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment in relation to Child Protection are on display in the front corridor beside the office.


P.E. STRANDS REQUIRING PAYMENTS – during the year we have several outside specialised teachers who teach the children elements of the P.E. curriculum providing essential skills which we feel are very beneficial. At the request of our Parents Association we are giving a summary of these additional expenses. This is not a bill and individual classes will be advised of their cost when they commence an activity. However if anyone wishes to pay for an activity in advance then the payment can be sent to your child’s class teacher, marking clearly what the payment is for and you will be issued with a receipt accordingly.

Aquatics (Swimming) €45 (8 weeks) 1st – 5th class. This includes the cost of the lessons and transport. (6th class pay €55 which includes lifesaving classes).

Lessons occur during term 1 & 2 depending on the group.

Group 1 – 2nd & 6th (every Tuesday for 8 weeks from 4/9/18)

Group 2 – 3rd & 5th (every Tuesday for 8 weeks from 6/11/18)

Group 3 – 1st & 4th (every Tuesday for 8 weeks from 15/01/19).

Dance- modern Hip Hop €12 (6 weeks) All classes. Lessons will occur during term 1.

All other elements of the P.E. curriculum are covered by our class teachers or schools initiative (Leinster Rugby) at no additional cost.

We aim to provide a varied and inclusive range of sports activities meeting the needs of all our pupils.



Thank you

Carol O’Byrne