Parents Association

All parents of the school are members of the Parent Association (PA).  The PA works closely with the Board of Managment, Principal and staff to build an effective partnership between home and school.  The PA is also the structure through which the parents in the school can work together for the best possible education of their children.

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The role of the Parent Association

The PA main role is to support and empower parents to be active in the best interests of their children’s educational lives.  It also works alongside the Board of Management, Principal and the whole school community for the betterment of the children in the school.

One of the main activities of the PA is fundraising and running annual events.  The PA put forward and Board of Management approve activities to be held for fundraising purposes.  The funds raised are then either reinvested in the annual PA activiies or other items as agreed between the PA and Board of Management.

The PA have been involved in projects such as:-

  • Nore Valley Farm Egg Incubator project
  • Part funding buses for school swimming lessons
  • Sponsoring a present of a book for each child in the school at Christmas
  • Christmas concert luncheon, raising funds for the school
  • Funding buses for the School Christmas Carol Service
  • Co-ordination of the participation of two teams from the Model School in the Kilkenny Credit Union Quiz
  • Providing Easter eggs for the school Easter egg hunt
  • Organising the annual Family BBQ
  • Co-ordination of the annual sports day
  • Fundraising to help meet the future needs of the school extension, which will involve building works and additional classroom resources.

The PA is also part of the National Parents Council which is a national framework to support parents, supporting children.  There is information, training and resources available for free on the website which all parents are invited to avail of.

The Model School PA Committee works tirelessly on behalf of parents, students and the entire school community and they deserve the wholehearted support of all the parent body.