September 2017 Newsletter

Welcome to the new school year 2017-2018!

New Pupils;

We welcome our new Junior Infant girls; Gulan, Aliyah, Emily, Natalia, Siobhan, Lila, Kate, Robyn, Vivienne, Allie, Rose, Charley, Pippa, Alexandra, Emma & Nicole and boys; Aun, Rory, James, Anthony, Luke, Sebbi, Will, Ben, Mateusz, Marcus, Rares, Liander and Raphael.

Also joining the school this year are Alexandru, Sean & James in 1st class, Ava in 2nd Class, Bonnie, Shane, Jakub and Eoin in 3rd Class, Mila, Kate, Nick & Aidan in 4th Class, Emily, Misha, Nicke, Ewan, & Stephen in 5th class and Tori, Osgar & Rowan in 6th class. We wish all our students a happy new school year!

STAFFING FOR 2017-2018

Class Teachers

  • Prefab – Orla Jackson – Junior Infants
  • Room 1 – Ms. Niamh O’Beirne – Senior Infants & 1st Class
  • Room 2 – Mrs. Sandra Patterson – 1st Class & 2nd Class
  • Room 3 – Ms. Olwen Mackey (Principal)– 3rd Class
  • Room 4 – Ms. Lorraine Dalton – 4th Class (we welcome Ms. Dalton back from career break)
  • Room 5 – Ms. Aoife McLoughney – 5th Class
  • Room 6 – Mr. Andy Kearns – 6th Class

Support Team

  • Suzanne Wilson (Deputy Principal)
  • Eleanor Bolt
  • Mr Conor Leahy (Part-time) & Ms. Natalie Swain (Part-time)
  • S.N.A.’s – Ms. Regina Fitzgerald, Mrs. Catriona Doyle and Mrs. Diana Calugar.
  • Secretary – Carol O’Byrne
  • Caretaker – Pat Brett


The roll will be called daily by 10.00am. If your child is going to be late (i.e. dentist appointment etc) please let the teacher know the day before or ring the office before 10.00am. Children arriving after 11.30am will be marked absent regardless as our attendance is now being submitted online daily.


Just to remind everyone that the school hours are 08.55am to 1.45pm for Junior and Senior Infants (Junior Infants will go home at 12.30 until Friday 8th Sept) and 2.40pm for 1st to 6th class.


Junior Infants enter through the front of the school in the mornings and are collected via the green side gate in the afternoons as per the notice. We would appreciate prompt pick up in the afternoons


Reminder on our Healthy Eating Policy:

  • treats are for Fridays only.
  • Please try not to use tin foil at all! We ask that children
  • DO NOT BRING IN NUTS as a snack as we have children with nut allergies in school.


PLEASE do not walk your child out the vehicular gates. We have noticed several Parents doing this in the mornings and at pick up.

ONLY walk your child in/out the pedestrian gate closest to the Kilkenny College entrance, DO NOT get your child into the habit of going out/in the main entrance gate because this could lead to a serious accident. Please set an example and keep to the footpaths.

Also NEVER park between the gates.


All bills i.e. swimming/book rental etc. must be handed to your child’s class teacher in a named envelope and not to the office. Only Insurance and Voluntary Subscriptions go to Carol.


Because of increased numbers and costs we have decided only to offer swimming lessons to children from 1st Class up to 6th Class. (i.e. Senior Infants will no longer go to school swimming lessons)

1st – 6th will complete one block of 8 swimming lessons.

The first group will start on Tuesday 5th Sept. Group 1;

  • 6th Class – Mr. Kearns  (Fee €55, incl. €10 for lifesaving lessons)
  • 3rd Class – Ms Mackey.  (Fee €45)

If travelling to school by bus please remind your child not to leave their swim bags behind. Parents dropping children to school on swimming day please be prompt as we have to leave school premises by 9.10am. If dropping your child directly to the pool please inform Carol in the school office.


Your child will be coming into close contact with other children in the classroom, so therefore particular attention should be paid to health and hygiene. Check your child’s hair weekly for head lice. If your child has contacted head lice, please treat it immediately and send a note to the class teacher. The school will respond by issuing a text to all of the children. When you receive the text it is extremely important that you check your child`s hair and treat it.


We look forward to a visit from Bishop Michael on Wednesday 13th September.


Music lessons for Saxophone, Clarinet, Trumpet and Trombone will resume on Friday 8th September during the school day. Application forms are available from the class teacher or office.


We use Text-a-Parent as a means of communicating reminders to you. We may also, on occasion need to contact you during the day if something happens to your child.

Please make sure that we have the correct contact details for you.

The number you provide must be a number that will be answered as it could be an urgent matter to do with your child. I will send out a text to the whole school to let you know this newsletter is going out today…if you do not receive a text please let me know!