Puppet theatre aquariums!!

Senior Infants have spent the last few weeks working on an Aistear project!

We had to design and make our own puppet theatre aquariums!!

This project took us three weeks to complete so it took a lot of hard work!

For week 1 we had to paint our shoe box and Ms. McLoughney had to help us cut out the front of the box too!

For week two we had to work on creating our puppet characters-  drawing and colouring them! We had different types of fish, sharks, seahorses etc! We also needed extra pictures to stick in the background too- seaweed, scuba divers, submarines!

For week three we had to cut out our characters and attach them to lollipop sticks! Ms. McLoughney helped us put some tiny slits at the top of the box to put in our lollipop sticks!
Finally we got to play with our creations and make up lots of fun stories!  We even got to put on some really silly accents 😀

Have a look at some of our creations!