“No Tables Tuesday” in the Senior Infant room

Today Senior Infants decided to have most of their day as ‘No Tables Tuesday’ 😀

We had lots of fun in our classroom using all the extra space!

We did our morning stations with our groups on the floor or on the backs of our chairs! This was lots of fun because we can make a bigger mess and have more space on the floor than on the table!

We have been working on throwing in PE so we worked on lots of activities that are hard to do outside without having to sit on the tarmac so we did them indoors on the carpet today!

We even used our tables as a wall to throw the ball off too! Finally we had some indoor races!

We also sat with our groups to do our SPHE which was nice to be able to work with our groups without having to talk across the tables!

We will definitely have a ‘No Table Tuesday’ again very soon!!