Back to school 3rd Class newsletter

See below for Ms. Bolt’s newsletter for 3rd class back to school hints & tips………

Dear Parents,

As we approach the start of the new school year, I wanted to extend a


I am really looking forward to teaching the children and getting to know them all over the coming weeks.  I have been busy preparing and laying out our classroom. I have reconfigured the classroom space to maximise physical distancing where possible so that we can all enjoy and maintain a safe learning environment.

Below, I have included some important bits of information for you to read through to prepare for your child’s return to school. Please take your time to read over these points carefully as there is a lot of information to take in:

  • This year, children from 3rd class will enter and exit the school from the side gate on the school grounds only. They must try to social distance when they are walking into school and leaving in the afternoons.

§ The children must come into school everyday with their hands free and schoolbags on their backs so that they can easily sanitise their hands at point of entry. Lunchboxes must be kept inside schoolbags.

§ If your  child is unwell in any way, please keep them at home. Any child who is unwell in school will be expected to be collected immediately.

§ All children in 3rd class will be seated in a bubble comprising of small pods/groups. There will be no sharing of educational resources between these pods.

§ Please ensure that all of your child’s items are clearly labelled for identification purposes.

§ The sharing of all items such as pencils, markers, etc will not be permitted this year so it is really important that your child has all of the essentials in his/her own pencil case.

§ This pencil case will always stay in school and will not go home every day so each child will need a separate pencil and rubber at home in order to complete their homework.

§ Each child will have their own labelled copy of each book from the Book Rental Scheme. It will only be used by them during the course of the school year.

§ At this stage, I am sure that all children are completely familiar with the correct method of hand washing and sanitising but if not, please spend some time on practicing the recommended techniques for your child’s safety before their return.

§ It will also be very important to practice good cough and sneeze etiquette at all times. We ask that each child has an individual packet of tissues in their schoolbags daily. Since a bent elbow may also be used on occasion, we would recommend the regular washing of clothing.

§ Please remind children that all social physical contact such as hugs, handshakes  etc should be avoided.

§ Due to the importance of fresh air and ventilation, it will be essential for the children to have a named, hooded raincoat for showery weather.

§ Lunchboxes should be washed daily.

§ Children must not bring any personal items of any kind from home into school including notebooks, colouring books, keyrings, toys or books.

§ Homework – There will be no ‘Written Homework’ for the month of September. This is to allow us to get back into a daily school routine. We may have some simple physical tasks from time to time.

  • The children will also start the ‘Accelerated Reading Programme’ in 3rd class and will be reading daily to reach individual reading targets. Each child will have an Individual Accelerated reading profile which can be viewed online at home once it is up and running. This is invaluable as parents will be enabled to see their child’s individual progress, reading targets, and virtual bookshelves. All books borrowed from the school library will be placed in a quarantine box for 72 hours before being cleaned and returned to the shelf.

I hope that these points help clarify some important things for you but If you have any enquiries, my school email will be reactivated next week and I will be able to check and answer any messages from Wednesday the 27th of August.

My e-mail address is

All urgent enquiries/messages should always be emailed to the office at

Enjoy the rest of the holidays. I look forward to meeting the children next Thursday,

Kind regards,

Ms. Bolt J